domus pvt. ltd. is a multidisciplinary design consultancy specialising in Communication Design, Architectural Design and Construction/Design-Build Contracts. 

domus Architectural Design

Architectural Design

Our goal is to integrate architectural design, interior design and signature identity creation to create iconic, effecting and efficient designs.

Our designs consist of residential and corporate buildings comprising commercial and mix-use spaces – including public buildings including a hospital, transportation terminal, and emergency relief housing as well as hospitality and leisure spaces for island resorts, hotels and guesthouses – we are confident in our ability to deliver to your requirements and needs


domus Communication Design

Communication Design

One of our key strengths is formulating cohesive communications strategies; for social marketing campaigns engineered to promote awareness, education & advocacy and creating memorable corporate/brand-identities & strategies within audiovisual-interactive-print media.

We have produced unique and effective communication strategies by critically and creatively analysing segments and markets, developed appropriate design and media solutions and communicated product/campaign information with target-audiences – be they specific, nonspecific or indirect.


domus Construction/ Design-Build Contracts

Design-Build Contracts

The belief that every efficient and effective design is only as good as its execution informs the main objective within our Design-build Contracts; which is the management of every aspect in making each project a tangible reality.

We have constructed both concrete and iron/steel structure consisting of masonry and prefabricated panels and rely on our team of specialist in every aspect and at each phase. Our construction team have furnished turnkey projects for multi-storey buildings, private houses, and renovated/refurbished existing buildings.



We believe that the design aesthetic is built around creating solutions, driving progress and introducing and maintaining efficiency.

Company Profile


domus pvt. ltd. has the relevant technical experience, project management skills, a multi-disciplinary approach and a network of specialised collaborators to ensure that all aspects of a project are fully addressed.

With over ten years of experience in professional design and build management, members of our ream have been recognized for their proficiency in research, survey, situation analyses, site development planning, project scheduling, costing, concepts/strategies, design executions, and post-design services.